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Our team of experts is well-versed in Shariah-compliant marketing, advertising, real estate sales and purchase, property management, legal documentation, design documentation, consultancy, technical management, and financial management. We recognise the significance of adhering to Shariah law in every aspect of your marketing strategies, ensuring your campaigns are not only effective but also ethically aligned.

We understand the unique requirements and opportunities presented by the Shariah-compliant market. Our marketing solutions are designed to help you reach your target audience while maintaining the utmost integrity and respect for Islamic values.

From crafting impactful branding strategies to executing digital marketing campaigns, our team combines creativity, innovation, and a deep understanding of Shariah guidelines. We develop engaging content that resonates with your audience while adhering to the principles set forth by Shariah law.

In addition to our comprehensive marketing services, we offer specialized financial management solutions that ensure your investments follow a Shariah-compliant manner. Our experts assist you in structuring financing arrangements, conducting thorough financial analysis, and optimizing your returns while upholding ethical practices and Shariah principles.

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To work towards bringing positive change in real estate, property, and, marketing industry that is shariah compliant, does not exploit through emotional appeal and honest representations of what is marketed to the customers.


Marketing in the conventional realm is based on the concept of driving sales and numbers without caring for the need of the product creating a cut-throat economic situation where the ethical lines blur more often than not.

3 Marketeers takes the shariah compliant approach towards real estate sales and purchase, property management, and, marketing, stemming from the Ubbudiya business model strategies ensuring honesty, need for product and an economy based on Tawwakul and Ikhlaq.

Shariah compliant marketing that does not epxloit the customer through emotional appeal, adhering to honesty and ikhlaq.
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