At 3 Marketeer, we understand the significance of accurate and reliable documentation in real estate transactions. We offer comprehensive documentation services that are fully compliant with Shariah, ensuring transparency, legality, and ethical practices throughout the process.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in handling all aspects of real estate documentation, providing meticulous attention to detail and upholding the principles of Shariah compliance. With our documentation services, you can rest assured that your real estate transactions are conducted with integrity and in accordance with Islamic values.


Our Shariah-compliant documentation services encompass various design aspects related to your real estate projects. Our expert team collaborates with architects, designers, and engineers to ensure that all design elements align with Shariah principles while meeting your project requirements.

At 3 Marketeer, we recognize the importance of captivating design and meticulous drawings in the real estate industry. Our Design services offer a comprehensive range of solutions that harmonize functionality, aesthetics, and Shariah compliance. With our expertise, you can bring your vision to life while upholding the ethical and legal aspects of Islamic finance.

Architectural Drawings

We provide meticulous architectural drawings that adhere to Shariah guidelines, incorporating aesthetic appeal and functional design. Our team ensures that the architectural drawings reflect the principles of Islamic architecture, creating spaces that are harmonious, sustainable, and culturally relevant.

Structural Drawings

Our documentation services include Shariah-compliant structural drawings that guarantee the integrity and safety of your real estate projects. We work closely with experienced structural engineers to develop drawings that comply with Islamic principles while ensuring structural stability and longevity.

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HVAC Drawings

With our expertise in Shariah-compliant documentation services, we offer HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) drawings that consider energy efficiency, comfort, and environmental impact. Our team collaborates with HVAC specialists to create designs that meet both industry standards and Shariah guidelines.

Electrical & Plumbing Drawings

Our Shariah-compliant documentation services extend to electrical and plumbing drawings. We collaborate with experts in these fields to develop comprehensive drawings that comply with Shariah principles, ensuring efficient and safe electrical and plumbing systems within your real estate projects.

Firefighting Drawings

Safety is of paramount importance in any real estate project. Our Shariah-compliant documentation services include firefighting drawings that meet international standards while adhering to Islamic principles. We work closely with fire safety experts to ensure that your projects are equipped with effective firefighting systems.

Working Drawings for Approval

We prepare detailed working drawings for approval, adhering to Shariah-compliant practices and local regulatory requirements. Our team ensures that all necessary documentation is in place, streamlining the approval process and saving you time and effort.

Forwarding from concerned town planner

As part of our documentation services, we coordinate with the relevant town planner to ensure that all required documentation is forwarded and processed efficiently. We work closely with regulatory authorities, following Shariah guidelines and local regulations to obtain necessary approvals.


In line with Shariah-compliant financial principles, we assist in documenting lending/loaning transactions for your real estate projects. Our team ensures that the documentation adheres to Islamic finance guidelines, providing transparency, fairness, and compliance throughout the lending process.

Accounting and other legal

We meticulously review legal documents related to real estate transactions, including contracts, tenancy agreements, and other legal instruments. Our team ensures that these documents comply with Shariah law, protecting your interests and ensuring a smooth and legally sound process.

We stay updated with the latest legal and regulatory requirements pertaining to real estate transactions in compliance with Shariah law. Our documentation services ensure that all necessary permits, licenses, and approvals are obtained, minimizing the risk of legal complications.

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