At 3 Marketeers, we understand the importance of adhering to Shariah principles in the real estate industry. Our comprehensive financial management services are designed to ensure your projects comply with Shariah while maximizing financial performance.

With our expertise in Shariah-compliant financing, budgeting, and financial analysis, we provide a solid foundation for your real estate ventures. Our team works closely with Islamic financial institutions and experts to ensure every aspect of your project aligns with Shariah principles. 

By engaging our financial management services, you can rest assured that your investments are handled in a manner that upholds ethical practices and respects the guidelines set forth by Shariah law. We prioritize transparency, fairness, and accountability in all our financial dealings.

Our experienced professionals will assist you in structuring financing arrangements that comply with Islamic finance principles, providing comprehensive financial analysis to help you make informed decisions and optimize your real estate investments.

Whether you are planning residential development, commercial project, or real estate investment fund, our Shariah-compliant financial management services will work closely ensure your projects are conducted in accordance with Islamic principles while achieving financial success.

Rent Collection

At 3 Marketeers, we understand the importance of efficient rent collection for your real estate investments. Our dedicated team ensures seamless and timely rent collection processes, eliminating the hassle for property owners. We handle rent collection on your behalf, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Monitoring payments and rent arrears.

Our comprehensive financial management services include diligent monitoring of rental payments and proactive management of rent arrears. We keep a close eye on payment schedules, promptly identifying any delays or non-payments. In cases of rent arrears, we take swift action to address the issue and recover outstanding amounts, safeguarding your financial interests.

3 marketeer - rental notice and documentation management

Reminders and if necessary after consultation involving bailiff.

To maintain the financial stability of your real estate investments, we provide regular reminders to tenants regarding rent payments. In instances where reminders are not heeded, we engage the services of experienced bailiffs to ensure prompt resolution. Our team handles all necessary consultations with the bailiff, ensuring compliance with legal procedures while safeguarding your interests.

Providing rent increase and accompanying written notices thereof.

Administration and refunding advance payments of service costs and other payments.

We streamline administrative tasks related to advance payments, security deposits, and refunds. Our meticulous approach ensures accurate record-keeping, transparent transactions, and prompt refunding of advance payments when required. You can trust us to handle these administrative processes efficiently, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and maintaining trust with tenants.


We understand the critical role of technical management in ensuring the successful execution of real estate projects. With our Shariah-compliant technical management services, we provide a comprehensive approach to oversee and optimize the technical aspects of your real estate ventures.

Our team of experienced professionals combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of Shariah principles to deliver effective and efficient technical management solutions. We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure that your projects are executed in compliance with Shariah guidelines, promoting ethical practices and integrity.

Carrying out inspection of mutation and drafting inspection reports.

As part of our Shariah-compliant technical management services, we conduct thorough inspections of property mutation. Our experts meticulously assess the condition of the property and prepare comprehensive inspection reports that highlight any necessary actions or improvements required. As a Shariah compliant service, we understand that transparency and honesty in such matters is of utmost importance.

Offer maintenance proposals.

At 3 Marketeers, we provide Shariah-compliant maintenance proposals tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team carefully analyzes the inspection reports and recommends appropriate maintenance measures in line with Islamic principles. We ensure that the proposed maintenance solutions are not only effective but also align with Shariah guidelines to provide a worry-free and smooth transaction.

Quotations, commissioning and monitoring implementation maintenance.

We handle the entire process of obtaining quotations from trusted contractors for maintenance work. Once approved, we oversee the commissioning and closely monitor the implementation of the maintenance projects. Our dedicated team ensures that all activities are conducted in compliance with Shariah principles, providing you with peace of mind.

Controlling submitted notes.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we meticulously control and manage all submitted notes related to maintenance activities. Our systematic approach guarantees that records are accurate, organized, and easily accessible for reference or future auditing purposes.

Keeping maintenance contracts competitive.

We strive to secure competitive maintenance contracts for your properties while adhering to Shariah-compliant practices. Our team diligently negotiates with vendors and contractors, ensuring that the contracts align with Islamic principles and provide favorable terms that benefit your real estate investments.

3 marketeer - contracts and document handling and maintenance
3 marketeer - property inspection maintence and complaint management

Handling technical complaints from tenants.

We take prompt and efficient action in addressing technical complaints from tenants. Our dedicated team handles these complaints in a Shariah-compliant manner, resolving issues promptly while upholding the principles of fairness and transparency.

Conducting inspection on complaints.

In response to complaints or as part of regular maintenance, we conduct thorough inspections to identify technical issues. Our team ensures that inspections are carried out in a Shariah-compliant manner, providing a comprehensive assessment of the situation and proposing appropriate solutions.

Conducting periodic and preventative inspections if desired.

If desired, we can also conduct periodic and preventative inspections to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your properties.

Coordinate maintenance orders.

We streamline the coordination of maintenance orders, ensuring efficient scheduling and execution of necessary repairs or improvements.

Monitoring and compliance of maintenance contracts.

Our team closely monitors compliance with maintenance contracts, ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with the agreed-upon terms and Shariah guidelines.

Rectify technical faults.

As part of our Shariah-compliant technical management services, we promptly rectify any technical faults that may arise in your properties. Additionally, we have a dedicated team available to handle technical emergencies efficiently and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption and safeguarding your investments.

Directly handling technical emergencies.

At 3 Marketeers, we are committed to providing exceptional technical management services that align with your values and strictly adhere to Shariah law. Our holistic approach ensures that every technical aspect of your real estate projects is handled with utmost professionalism and in accordance with Islamic principles.

3 marketeer - maintenance complaints and technical emergencies

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